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Innovative solutions in the Motorsport area. Our expertise lies in developing high-quality gear indicators, flatshift and paddleshift control units, interfaces, sensors, and wiring looms. With years of experience in the industry, we have become a trusted name, delivering cutting-edge products that enhance performance and safety on the track.

Setting us apart from competitors, our commitment to excellence and attention to detail ensures that our products meet the highest standards. We understand the unique requirements of Motorsport enthusiasts and continuously strive to deliver solutions that surpass expectations. Our gear indicators, flatshift, and paddleshift control units are designed to provide seamless and precise gear changes, enhancing driver control and optimizing performance. Combined with our extensive range of interfaces, sensors, and wiring looms, we offer a comprehensive suite of products tailored for Motorsport applications.

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TTT802 Gearshiftcontroller

Discover the benefits of quick gear changes using smart technology for your rally and racing team!  With the TTT802 Gearshiftcontroller, you get incredibly responsive and precise shifts, giving you an edge on the track. The advanced technology in this control unit enables quick and smooth shifts which gives you a sense of complete control.  Take your racing experience to new heights with the TTT802 Gearshiftcontroller!

TTT031 Classic Gearindicator

A compact unit with a large 56,8mm dual color display having a bright, clear appearance. The display indicates present gear and at the same time it alerts for high rpm. It is very simple to setup. With simple commands it automatically memorizes all gear positions!


A selection of single- and dual-channel barrelsensors and gearcutsensors with mounting brackets for Tractive gearlever.

Gearcut Interfaces

Interfaces that are used with TTT802 gearshiftcontroller in case of carburettor operation or if ECU doesnt support ignition cut.


Hanesses and cables in different lenghts and configurations. Premade harnesses for plug-n-play installation of the TTT802 Gearshiftcontroller.

Customers Share Their TTT802 Experience

Micke Ericsson, VW Golf III Kitcar, Tractive gearbox

Awesome shifts! TTT802 is absolutely one of the most important parts of the car!

Jerker Axelsson,

Mitsubishi Lancer WRC

Can really be recommended. Increases driving pleasure and lowers SS times.

Oskar Nilsson, Volvo 940 2.5 l,

Tractive Gearbox

Damn it shifts nicely, absolutely incredible! Really pleased.

Clemens Rommers, Lamborghini Gallardo - Holinger Gearbox

"The shifts are going smooth as butter, and your system I really like."

A year later.....  About the Gallardo....the gearbox was serviced after a year of use but there was no damage what so ever on the gears....

Looks like the ttt-802 works perfect. I am still very pleased with it.  Clemens.

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